Crystal Wings & Night Things

"Bad Hair Day? Fluff it and add feathers."

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Some items are shown larger than actually size.
Blue on Blue

Peacock and dramatic blue feathers flow from the center blue gem.
These piece can be worn as a hair accessory or as pin.
3 x 3 and has both a hair clip and pin backer.
$10.00 Item h99
Havana Night

A stunning mix of flowing black feather and raven green tinted feathers form this 5 inch flower. The center gem is a multifaceted green. Has both a hair clip and pin backer
$15.00 Item h89
Turkey in the Hair

Spotted turkey feathers and down make a great match in the 3 x3 piece. The focal bead is the eye of the adornment. Has both a hair clip and pin backer
$12.00 Item h36

Party like its 1925 in this black and gold hat. A black velvet base is wrapped in gold brocade, feathers, netting and topped off with a gold/black silk material rose. A large hair comb in attached to the back and also has an elastic strap.
$25.00 Item h43
Night Flight

Small delicate feathers surround this 3 in bow. The center has a trio of set black gems.

Hot jazz, cold gin and the perfect hat to dance the night way. The hand knitted cap is black with gold beads woven in. 45 long gold strands of seed beads stream down from around the cap. The front has 9 golden disks.
$60.00 Item h88