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Purple Tears

Simulated amethyst tear drops are surrounded with tiny gems. This is 10 inches of pure beauty for evening or formal wear. A lobster clasp with extender chain allows multi lengths.
$35.00 Item #pt73
Let's Dance

15 inch black lace choker with cascading tear drop chains. The black/gold focal is surrounded by black gem drops.

$25.00 Item #ld33
Cool Blue Drops

8 inches of cascading blue hawk eye stones shimmer with each movement.

$22.00 Item #bw44
Dragon's Tears

Multifaceted multicolored crystals drops hang on an 8 inch double chain. An extender chain with lobster clasp.

$25.00 Item #dt66
Oh Nuts

Tiger eye chips and simulated wood beads are 9 inches of crackin' good fun.

$30.00 Item #on88
Flower on Your Shoulder

10 inches of flowing chains lead up to a sparkling silver flower on your shoulder. This silver metal flower is brought to life by a three stone insert of color.

$18.00 Item #fs72

Round and round we go. Metal and cubic zirconium fuse to form this perfect 8 inch, with extender chain, night on the town necklace.

$25.00 Item #fss221
Victorian Bite

A night on the town with a Victorian bite. This choker is 10 inches long with a 4 1/2 drop front.
Seed beads are intertwined with black chains and red drop beads.

$25.00 Item #6955

Blue and green is intermingled with silk cord and chains in this 8 inch beach lovers necklace. Lobster claw closure.

$15.00 Item #1225
Night Circle

This 12 inch peyote stitch necklace has alternating patterns of black and silver.
2 inch extender chain and lobster clasp. A matching bracelet is also available.

$25.00 Item #9978
3 Metals

8 inches of pure metal with a 3 inch focal. Black, copper and silver combine for a come here night necklace. Lobster claw closure

$35.00 Item #0039
Black Pillars

Black is back and ready for a night on the town. 12 inches of black sparkle leading down to a 6 inch focal - team it up with white silk shirt for fun.
$20.00 Item #3362

Copper Penny

Copper and shades of plum are mixed together in this 18 inches of classic style. Wrap it two or three times for different looks.
$20.00 Item #4447
Snow in Chains

Crystals and chains hang together in 16 inches of dark winter fun.
$30.00 Item #3325


This bib style necklace is 5 inches of pure blue power. The main three shields contain lighter blue crystals that catch the light, while the last two shields anchor the piece.
$30.00 Item #9986
Two crystals hang in harmony and balance on a double loop gold chain. The first loop is 8 inches and the second 14 inches. The necklace has a 3 inch extender chain and lobster clasp. The loops are connected for a drop waterfall effect. Crystals come in clear, pink and gold quartz.
$35.00 Item #44110
Silver Floral

Nine delicate floral pieces are hand solder to this 6 inch necklace to form a cascade of flowing petals. The necklace is matched with a set of 2 inch post earrings. lobster claw with an extending chain.
$55.00 Item #9775

For the metal lover in all of us. The links are intertwined - with every other one baked in black/blue shade. S hook closure with extending chain.
$35.00 Item #5995
Subtle One

Subtle shades of red and purple beads inter mix with silver highlights to create a necklace that seems to change colors depending on the light. 8 inches long with four strands. Extender chain and lobster claw clasp.
$30.00 Item #4432
Downtown Snow

Shimmering blues and greys surround your neck with an elegant uptown shine. Each bead has multiple in lays, creating a necklace fit for a queen. Spring ring closure - 8 inches.
$25.00 Item #1122

Glass Leopard spotted beads surround your neck in this 7 inch offering. The closure is a square toggle.
$15.00 Item #9114
Sugar - Sugar

6 inches of pure sweetness. The multiple pink beads form a wonderful sugar crystal that has pink and gold ribbon leading to a lobster claw closure.
$15.00 Item #6576
Bloomin Blue

An 11 inch serpentine chain holds two sliver roses that lead to the larger blue multi-petal flower trimmed in silver and stones.
$40.00 Item #5466
Chili Pepper

Perfect for work or a night out - this red and silver seed bead necklace will get you noticed. 8 inch length with an extender chain and lobster clasp.
$20.00 Item #1123
Bolo Anyone?

In the southwest style a silver and beaded slider can be adjusted to any length. Braided leather. Matching fish hook earrings are also available.
$20.00 Item #5544
The perfect night tie

A perfect accent for that little black dress - a combination of chains and studs. 12 inches of wow.
$30.00 Item #6223
Sea Glass

This glass bead necklace is 8 inches in length. The sea shell focal point brings together subtle hues of pink, mauve and blues.
A great look for a summer day or a pick-me up on a winter's night.
$20.00 Item # 3341
Lions, Tigers and Zebras

Hard carved animals dance along with wooden beads in this wilds of Africa design. 12 inches in length with a barrel closure.
$25.00 Item #3369
Dream A Dream

Don't let those bad dream catch you napping. This 14 inch silver dream catcher has the style to catch any eye.
Of course it also has the dream catcher charm to wisk away things you don't want to see.
Comes with silver chain, lobster claw clasp.
$40.00 Item #2243
Pretty in Pink

This 8 inch twisted chain holds a collection of pink stones trimmed in gold.
The chain is done with a 5 loop configuration.

Gold braided chain, lobster claw clasp. Includes extended chain.
$40.00 Item #6741

This faux jade and gold mix is perfect for the office or a a stylish late night get together. 8 inches long with a 3 inch extender chain and lobster clasp.

$35.00 Item #3323
Falling Leaves

These bronze patina metal leaves range in size from 1/2 to 2 inches.
6 inches in length, lobster claw clasp.
$40.00 Item #6998
Liquid Sunshine

Bright yellow drops of sunshine are strung together to create seven cascading drops. The total length is 14 inches - 8 inch chain with a 3 inch extender chain.
$35.00 Item #4450
Uptown Egypt

This is what happens when Cleopatra meets NYC. The four different colors white, yellow, black and blue stones are each individually set in a gold 4 prong base. 8 inches long with extending chain, lobster clasp.
$40.00 Item #2546

16 inches of pure seed beads, this necklace brings a taste of southern charm to any outfit. The central focus flairs out like the feathers on the chief headdress.
$15.00 Item #3792
A Rose By

This Rose of Love is 7 inches long with an extending chain. The bead work resembles a polished red oak color.
$15.00 Item #9675
Fairy Flight

The subtle tones and color seem to move just a bit and catch the eye. Maybe it's because if you look closely you can see the fairies in the stones. 8 inches with extending chain
$30.00 Item #0010
Summer Dew

Each bead is individually wrapped with a head pin and connected to the chain. The soft purple, blue and green hues are mixed with just a hint of golden. 6 inches with an extending chain.
$25.00 Item #3342
Cheery Cherry

A mix of pinks and reds that catch the light and hold it - framing the throat. The longest cherry, center focal, is 2 inches in length. 6 Inch chain, lobster claw clasp.
$42.00 Item #6898
Green Frosting

Frosted green beads, wrapped on a silver chain make a quiet but stunning statement. The chain is 6 inches long with a 2 inch extender chain. A elegant choker for summer dress.
$15.00 Item #88998
Dragon Fire

Fire droplets circle this 8 inch necklace. The glass drops range in size from 2 inches to inch. All you need to do is add a little smoke.
$30.00 Item #3994
Wrapped Up

What do you get when you mix ribbon and beads? This cool summer fun necklace. 12 inches in length and ready to go from the shore to the crab shack.
$12.00 Item #399863