Crystal Wings & Night Things

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." - Edgar Allen Poe

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Some items are shown larger than actually size.
Tied Up

Tie one on with this ribbon choker. Three rows of set stones go from the darkness to the light.
$20.00 Item 9655

Heavy double linked chain means business in this 6 inch night storm. Solid black mixes with black lighting beads. Harness the power of the storm wearing this necklace. Lobster clasp, extender chain.
$20.00 Item 898

Clear bezels seem to dance on three looped and two free falling chains. 12 inches in length this captures light from any angle. The heavy silver chain can take any punishment you supply.
$35.00 Item 336
Liquid Light

Three layers of chains, several hundred rings and silver/black beads make up this night lovers necklace. 6 inches of pure liquid movement with a lobster clasp.
$20.00 Item 6621
My Lady

Red, black and silver beading add a subtle flair to old world style cross. The first chain is 8 inches and the second 16 inches. The second chain can be worn full length or wrapped around the neck creating 3 loops.
$45.00 Item 115
Black Star

Three strands of leather lead to the 3 inch black star focal. 6 inches in length, lobster claw and extender chain.
$20.00 Item 343

Tiny seed beads and acrylic crystal clusters lead to the hypnotic spinner focal. Take the night for a spin. 7 inches with a lobster clasp and extender chain.
$20.00 Item 995